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  • Blast from the Past- Barbaro Shrine

    The pain was too severe back in 2007, but now we barely remember. 


    The Official Real Wisconsin News Living Shrine to Barbaro


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  • Facebook to Provide Eternal Life Option

    The newest and most controversial Facebook application to be launched allows users to live forever, at least online. And it’s not just in the form of some static profile. The Eternal Life application learns and then lives, and then keeps on living—forever. 

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  • Mallory Edens Impresses With Words

    "I was really nervous but really happy to get the second pick. I was extremely nervous but it was really fun."

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  • Stop Putin Signs Bear Striking Resemblance to Ghostbusters

    ghostbustersstop putin ghostbusters 

    The thematic meaning behind the Stop Putin signs matching Ghostbusters signs might be lost on most Americans, but Real Wisconsin News has investigated the similarities in order to analyze the reasoning for the similarities. 

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  • Fiscal Cliff No Longer Welcome at Cheers

    Cliff Clavin, longtime patron of Cheers bar, is said to be no longer welcome to step up to the bar where everybody knows his name as "Fiscal Cliff." The other patrons at the bar had been complaining that they had to spend their time drinking away their problems next to a mail carrier whose salary "rapes our wallets." Norm, often seen as Cliff's best bar friend, had this to say: "Being a straight painter who works for myself, I can't stand freeloaders who work cushy government jobs and then use my tax money to get wasted every day after work. If he wants to get drunk, then he can start his own business and use that money to buy booze." 

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