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1 Stop Putin Signs Bear Striking Resemblance to Ghostbusters Written by kegger 112
2 Fiscal Cliff No Longer Welcome at Cheers Written by kegger 1128
3 Scott Walker Not a Horrible Person Written by Dan Brubus 1813
4 Aspirin Between Knees Works as Contraceptive, But How? Written by kegger 2291
5 Hiter to Run for Office in Washington County Written by kegger 2127
6 Newt Gingrich Rewrites History/Religion in Debate Written by kegger 2022
7 Scott Walker Could Have Saved NBA Owners Millions Written by kegger 1393
8 Tom Barrett Not Sure He Needs Another Ass Kicking Written by kegger 1371
9 Scott Walker Saves Christmas Written by kegger 1380
10 How Can my Monte Carlo Make Fire Like That? Written by kegger 1816
11 Prince’s House of Prime…Tofu? Written by Hank Warneski 2040
12 Watertown Foie Gras Written by Hank Warneski 2130
13 Northwoods Terror Plot Written by Hank Warneski 2040
14 Proof of Out of State Protesters in Madison Written by kegger 2140
15 Walker Takes Several Phone Calls Written by kegger 1785
16 Public Servants Should be Servants Written by Dan Brubus 2078
17 Bucyrus CEO Suffering Because of Economy Written by kegger 1770
18 Walker's Modest Proposal Written by kegger 1869
19 Train Sent for Wisconsin Senators Written by kegger 2299
20 Scott Walker Bestowed with Honorary College Degree Written by kegger 2691
21 Walker Forms Republican Guard Written by kegger 1576
22 Note to Teachers: Stop Whining Written by Dan Brubus 1832
23 Mike McCarthy Draws Some New Plays Written by kegger 1584
24 Scott Walker to Disassemble State Government Written by kegger 2045
25 Tapping the Midwesties Written by Hank Warneski 1586
26 Satan Rescinds Deal for Bush’s Soul Written by kegger 1758
27 Conservative Analysis of Economic Crisis Written by kegger 2554
28 50 cent Written by beav 1714
29 UN Debates How to Handle Sarah Palin Written by kegger 1613
30 TBS Almost Drops Ball During Cubs Broadcast Written by Hank Warneski 1770
31 Polls Confirm Americans Trust McCain More (With Their Daughters) Written by kegger 1694
32 GOP Wants McCain Heroism to Take Center Stage Written by kegger 1682
33 Obama Must Give up Role as Senator, Television Icon Written by kegger 1664
34 Sarah Palin Proves Abstinence-Only Education Works, Especially For Others Written by kegger 1668
35 Lemurs Claim Ryan Braun as One of Their Own Written by kegger 2341
36 Murders to be Recalculated With Probably Deserved It Factor Written by kegger 1969
37 Milwaukee May Vote to Outlaw Guns Next July Fourth Written by kegger 2180
38 Army Develops New Virtual Game After Criticism at Summerfest Written by kegger 1976
39 Man Who Lost Dream Home to Flooding Says it is Not Enough Nobody Was Not Hurt Written by kegger 2141
40 Return From a Flooded-out Stupor Written by Hank Warneski 1519
41 Charlton Heston's Gun Finally Pried From His Cold, Dead Hands Written by kegger 10777
42 Bars to Offer New Obama Slammer Written by kegger 1957
43 Doctors without borders Written by kegger 1928
44 United States Added to State Department List of Human Rights Violators Written by beav 2324
45 Don't Most Preachers Say Some Crazy-A$$ $h1t Sometimes? Written by kegger 1791
46 virgin mary Written by kegger 1661
47 Star Explodes Written by kegger 1633
48 Madison's Right Wing Written by kegger 1931
49 Pussitocracy Claims Another Good Man Written by kegger 2214
50 British Troops Pulled Out of City in England Written by kegger 1841
51 Ted Thompson Secures Asshole of the Year Written by kegger 10649
52 RSVP Etiquette Written by Biker Chick 1699
53 Brett Favre - An All-time Great: Let Us See The Way Written by kegger 6083
54 Bucks Lead League in Moral Victories Written by kegger 2036
55 Spunky Written by kegger 2485
56 Balentine, Anne Written by kegger 2745
57 Bartley, Mike Written by kegger 2688
58 Campaign Trail Written by beav 2193
59 Valentine's Day Cards Confiscated Written by Dan Brubus 2042
61 Hillary Clinton Actually Running Issues Based Campaign Written by kegger 2229
62 Cowboys' Demise Written by kegger 1715
63 NFC Championship 07 Written by kegger 1517
64 britney Written by beav 1675
65 Sallie Mae Subject of Unfair Criticism Written by Ewe Benjamin Dover 5867
66 Breaking Up Is Hard Written by Biker Chick 1820
67 New Pica Diet Sweeping the Nation Written by kegger 2921
68 Brats and Buns Written by Biker Chick 1926
69 Axis of Evil Countries Unveil New Marketing Campaign Written by kegger 5478
70 Two New Morning After Pills to be Sold Written by kegger 2120
71 DIY Home Theater Room Written by kegger 1953
72 Students get high instead of going to local high school basketball game Written by Hank Warneski 2372
73 The CW Network to Target Lowest IQ Segment Written by kegger 8074
74 Man Bags Bambi, Threatens Thumper Written by Community Columnist Mec Chevalier 2132
75 Canadian Scientists to Clone Jesus Written by kegger 2257
76 Community Columnist: Kiss FM Worse Than Previously Thought Written by Jack Haluvawicz 1949
77 Pewaukee Police Chief Written by kegger 1609
78 Change in Daylight Saving Time Seen as Bush?s Greatest Environmental Policy Written by kegger 1932
79 My Liquor Store Just Slapped me With a Credit Card Fee! Written by kegger 2094
80 UWM-Medical Assistance Written by kegger 1957
81 UWM-Strange Conduct Written by beav 1729
82 UWM-Burglary Written by beav 1767
83 Marquette-Alarm Violation Written by beav 1728
84 I'm Not Gay, But I Can't Get Samwell's "What What" Out of my Butt, or Head Written by kegger 2094
85 Boom Goes the Dynamite Written by kegger 1160
86 Wonder Woman to Make TV Comeback as Moody, Irritable Teen Written by kegger 2269
87 Girls Gone Wild Founder to Tape Guys Gone Wild in Prison Written by kegger 3018
88 The Beerleaders Written by kegger 1652
89 Milwaukee Bucks Anticipate Winning Next Year's Lottery Written by kegger 2522
90 Senator Herb Kohl Finally Admits: "I'm Straight" Written by kegger 13730
91 Brewers Have Cubs Right Where They Want Them Written by kegger 4741
92 State Department of Tourism Releases Segregated Multicultural Calendar Written by kegger 1591
93 UWM-Theft Written by beav 1611
94 UWM-General Stupidity Written by kegger 1880
95 UWM-Boredom Written by kegger 1894
96 UWM-Marriage Written by beav 1920
97 UWM-Liquor Written by kegger 1493
98 Marquette-Theft Written by beav 1428
99 Marquette-Rules and Regs Written by kegger 1394
100 Jeep is Staunchest Supporter of War Effort Amongst Automakers Written by kegger 10827
101 Martin Lawrence Admits He Plays Serena Williams, Family Written by kegger 15685
102 Milwaukee Gangs to Set up Al-Qaeda-like Training Camps Written by beav 5863
103 Marquette-ID Theft Written by beav 1527
104 Marquette-Theft Written by beav 1300
105 UWM-Really? Written by kegger 1471
106 UWM-Honesty Written by beav 1565
107 UWM-Weapons Written by beav 1542
108 Food Stamp Challenge to Stamp Out Debt Written by kegger 2027
109 Could a Songbird Hunting Season be in the future? Written by Hank Warneski 2781
110 Halliburton Nominated for Nobel Prizes Written by Imanadia Peecnik 5294
111 Religious Man Thrown off Flight for Inappropriate Attire Written by kegger 8487
112 The Fair Written by beav 1316
113 Global Dimming May be Answer to Global Warming Written by kegger 1936
114 Marquette-Burglary Written by kegger 1406
115 Sub-prime Mortgage Crisis Merely Capitalism Doing its Job Written by Dan Brubus 2314
116 UWM-Disorderly Written by kegger 1419
117 Are you an Athlete??? Written by beav 2500
118 Marquette-Theft Written by kegger 1330
119 Teachers File Unconventional Back to School Lists Written by kegger 2074
120 Elmo Afflicted Written by beav 5440
121 UWM Written by kegger 1397
122 UWM Written by kegger 1349
123 Marquette Written by kegger 1335
124 State Lawmakers Work to Improve Business Environment Written by kegger 5030
125 Tommy Sends out Booty Call for Straw Poll Written by Bryce Halliwell 2211
126 Milwaukee Gun Buyback Program Scrapped; Bullet-proof Vests to be Offered Instead Written by kegger 8458
127 Pig Farm Whispers Written by kegger 1661
128 Marsh Road in Weyauwega Written by beav 2894
129 Overunderinfluenced Governor Written by Hank Warneski 1609
130 Strange Situation in Spooner Written by Hank Warneski 1664
131 Lil' Einsteins Promote Capitalist, Patriarchal Agenda Written by Rainbow Meadows 1702
132 Real Wisconsin Bands Written by beav 1292
133 Tom Snyder Intimidates, Confuses God Written by beav 1841
134 Rudy Giuliani Written by kegger 1475
135 Scoring Written by Biker Chick 1865
136 DIY Photo / Poster Display Case Written by beav 3311
137 Milwaukee Playing Fields Close; Local Ath-elites Worry Written by kegger 2037
138 Bucks Cry Foul Over Referee Written by kegger 1642
139 President Kermit T. Frog May Issue Full Pardon To Scooter Written by kegger 5808
140 Wisconsin Farmers Prepare for Brave New Warm World Written by kegger 2110
141 Sure, We Don?t Want Iran to Have Nukes, But Why Not Our Used F-14s? Written by Dan Brubus 1747
142 Radium in Water Could Save Your Life Written by kegger 5666
143 Mom, You Shouldn't've Damned me to Hell For Waking You Up Written by kegger 5144
144 Why the Douchebag Gene Cannot be Eliminated From the Population Written by Dr. Tom 2307
145 MPS Schools Better Reflect Criminal Justice System in New Budget Written by kegger 5382
146 Disclaimer Written by kegger 1894
147 South American Cannibals not Interested in Barry Bonds Written by Frank Pizarro 3825
148 Vote for Prince Written by Caitlyn 1775
149 Is There a Separatist Movement for Me? Written by John Evreeman 2464
150 It?s Getting Hot up Here Written by Dan Brubus 2147
151 Bo Black Written by beav 1569
152 Free Mike McGee Written by kegger 2136
153 Don Imus to Present at NOW Conference in Detroit Written by kegger 20561
154 Cheneyator Sent Back in Time to Change Comments on Iraq Written by John Connor 1857
155 Men, Help Bring an Air of Respectability to Milwaukee: Work for AirTran Written by kegger 2201
156 This Memorial Day, Let?s Support the War, but Not Necessarily Our Troops Written by Dan Brubus 2047
157 Sure, We Don?t Want Iran to Have Nukes, But Why Not Our Used F-14s? Written by Dan Brubus 1910
158 Michael McGee Sr. Grieves for Charlie Sykes Written by beav 2476
159 Man Kidnaps Girlfriend as Part of Mid-life Crisis Written by kegger 5919
160 City of Pewaukee Police Chief Reprimanded for Police Humor Wins Award Written by kegger 5836
161 It?s Getting Hot up Here Written by Dan Brubus 2035
162 Bush Might Have Misunderconstrued Jackie Robinson Day Written by kegger 2192
163 Indian Wars Reheating Written by George A. Custer IV 2361
164 Art Critics Miss Point in Pewaukee Man?s Performance Art Written by Rainbow Meadows 2289
165 Columbia St. Mary's and Froedtert Will Work Twice as Hard to Remain Inefficient Written by kegger 1921
166 Young People Dispute Mayfair Rules, Scare Passers-by Written by kegger 2151
167 The Feline in Franklin Written by kegger 1736
168 Suite Life of Brewers Fans Should not be Interrupted Written by Dan Brubus 422
169 UW Professor Makes Closing Statements About Hmong Written by Paul Christian 2256
170 President Bush Uses "Articulate" in a Sentence Written by kegger 2451
171 Medical College of Wisconsin will not use Dogs Written by kegger 2190
172 Sheboygan 911 Operators Finally Outsmart 'Prank Mastermind?' Written by kegger 2192
173 A Real Wisconsin Parent?s Guide to Controlling Your Kids Written by beav 2564
174 Muslims, Hindus, and American Men Finally Agree on Something Written by kegger 998
175 Mayfair, Wauwatosa to Offer Bus Vouchers Written by kegger 2270
176 Michael Redd Upset Bucks not in Playoff Hunt Written by kegger 1696
177 Bush Mixes Metaphors but Makes Meaning Clear Written by kegger 1905
178 CBS 58 Breaks Ice in Experiential News Reporting Written by kegger 2020
179 State Department of Tourism Releases Segregated Multicultural Calendar Written by kegger 2031
180 Alderman McGee Expands Mission Written by Andy Amos 2085
181 Honey Creek Beach to Open in West Allis Written by kegger 2234
182 Bucks to Form All-Circus Team Written by kegger 1673
183 Bucher Refers Jessica McBride To DA Written by Pompous Assitude 2756
184 New Football Star Must Really be Good Written by Vern Raashke 895
185 Real Predictions For 2007 Written by beav 944
186 War Criminals Beware: The United States is on the Job Written by Dan Brubus 1525
187 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to be Written Entirely by Community Columnists Written by kegger 2149
188 Racial Bias in Real Estate Written by Rev. Dr. Bling Bling Davis 1895
189 V100 Gives up on All Hip Hop Holiday After Only Two Hours Written by kegger 935
190 Vandals to Sue for Libel Written by kegger 1915
191 Kelly Clarkson Written by kegger 2089
192 Mitt Romney Written by kegger 2367

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