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Scott Walker Not a Horrible Person

Though Scott Walker has lied to get into office and has taken phone calls from billionaires in office while enacting laws that send Wisconsin labor back 150 years in the hopes that all labor will join them after having gotten into office by having publicly-paid employees campaign for him while on the job, he’s probably not really such a bad guy.

For example, would I trust Scott Walker not to molest a ten year-old boy? Hell yes, I would. I can pretty much guarantee that Scott Walker would not molest little kids, and that if you found this article because you typed in “Scott Walker” and “children,” you probably were looking for a site that talked about his plan to end health benefits for children. And what more proof than that would you need to confirm once and for all that Scott Walker is absolutely not a pedophile? Would Michael Jackson have tried to end health care for children?

Scott Walker is also not a cross-dresser. If he was a cross-dresser, he would be very awkward in a dress, and he’d probably put himself down a lot for being the weaker sex. But Scott Walker is definitely not a cross-dresser, or a transvestite, if there’s a difference. In fact, if Scott Walker watched The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, he’d probably get angry and try to make a law re-forbidding gay marriage in Wisconsin. Scott Walker does not watch movies like that and he certainly never stumbles into a convenience store in a pink dress and high heels, sporting a five o’clock shadow and whisky cologne.

Scott Walker does not do anything illegal. He doesn’t even speed on the road. He lets others do illegal things for him, which is the sign of a good leader. Scott Walker doesn’t gamble on sports and doesn’t shoot his .22 with a silencer at his neighbor’s dog. He doesn’t proposition prostitutes or sell stolen speakers out of the back of his mini-van. That’s not Scott Walker at all, so if you were hoping to find some dirt on Scott Walker while reading this article, you had better look at his advisors instead of him.

Scott Walker is not anti-worker, he’s just anti-middle class. The middle class is a lazy class that does not allow businesses to grow on their shoulders. Scott Walker wants every citizen of Wisconsin to earn what their employers think fair to pay them, and if you are a hard-working high school graduate, like Scott Walker, you can either make ten dollars an hour or convince others working for ten dollars an hour that they should elect you to public office. Scott Walker wants all workers to make enough money to shop happily at Walmart and live just above the poverty line so that more of their bosses can join the upper class. If you don’t want your boss to join the upper class, then you are not thinking about the day when your boss retires and leaves the company to you instead of his bratty kids, which obviously is going to happen. Scott Walker wants you to think about that day. Unions can’t give you that day. All unions promise is fair wages for fair work, and Scott Walker’s not about that.

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