At first, the idea of the Food Stamp Challenge was for Americans to see what it’s like to live in poverty and spend a mere one dollar per meal, but organizers of the effort are now touting their challenge as a way for Americans spend less on food and pay down their debt. Utahns Against Hunger, who began the challenge as a way to bring publicity to difficult conditions suffered by the poor, said in a press release that the challenge was fun, but since nobody died or even suffered very much, they were going to change the direction of the challenge.

“Honestly, there is just too much healthy and filling food people can get for a dollar a meal,” said Gina Cornia, founder of the UAH. “You can buy a head of lettuce for a dollar, and ten pounds of potatoes for under two bucks. Add a head of broccoli or cauliflower, and you’ve got like four days of food for four dollars.” Apparently, people taking the Food Stamp Challenge often tried to mimic the unhealthy, prepared food choices made by those on food stamps, so items such as Twinkies and Moon Pies were purchased instead of carrots. Still, people who took the challenge were able to survive just fine on these processed items, and would have done even better had they used common sense to make their purchases.

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