My servants live in the servants' quarters near the back doors in my house. They may be from The Ukraine, but they work hard for their money and never complain. Our state's public servants want to live better than the people they serve, but they should really accept their lots in life and live in the general squalor their positions entitle them to.


Here is a video made by a teacher of his house. No doubt, he spends most of his money on drinking and playing the lottery, because his home and furnishings are well below that of the average union worker, I am certain. However, if his new lower income cannot pay the bills, I hear the Westlawn projects have received some updates, so he can take his family there.

His description:

"Here's my house. I work as a teacher. My wife works for our church. I love my family, my God, and my country. I pay my taxes, buy local products, work hard at my job, believe in what I do, and already have to work other jobs to make ends meet. I am sorry if my luxurious home offends you, but like my job, it is now open to public scrutiny.
I do not dislike Scott Walker, but even if the only hit I take is about 10% loss in salary, I will have trouble affording my home. Further cuts to education funding could result in even greater pay loss.
I did not cause the economic collapse. I am not one of the richest 1% owning half of our wealth, assets, and income and receiving most of our bailouts. I can't even afford to live in the county in which I teach.
And I am not alone."